If You Will Guard Your Heart 2

by Pastor Ian Smith

If You Will Guard Your Heart.. And I Will Guide Your Heart

Date: 11/05/2017
Speaker: Pastor Ian Smith

The heart is referred to as the inner man. It is the seat of our desire, will, emotions, knowledge, wisdom, conscience and our moral character, and it is also the seat of pride and rebellion. It is said that the human heart is made of three parts:

  1. Will… this is where decisions are made between the rational and the emotional;
  2. Emotions… (which only process as reaction);
  3. Intellect… (where action & reaction take place)

Guard your heart: From who, what, when, where, and why do I need to guard my heart.

From Who: Anything or anyone who will interfere with your relationship with the Lord guard your heart.

From what: Anything that would promote a sinful lifestyle and demote/diminish who you are in Christ from it guard your heart.

Where should I guard my heart?

In all your travels you should guard your heart. In your travels you will find that different places have different cultures, customs and beliefs and if you become intrigued and influenced by (cultures, customs and beliefs) it can affect your state of mind and equilibrium.

When do I guard my heart?

From the minute you wake up out of you bed until you say your prayers and go to sleep.

Why should I guard my heart?

  1. Scripture says out of it flows the issues of life;
  2. Anything you plant in it will grow.